Courageous Spirit: Voices from Women in Ministry (Upper Room Books, 2005)

"What a rich collection of reflection and profound thought that not only celebrates fifty years of full clergy rights for United Methodist women but also witnesses to the depth of commitment that has brought us to this place. Each fall a new group of women come to [seminary]on their way to ordination. This collection will be a great resource to fill their heads with the words of those who have gone before them." -- Maxine Clark Beach, Drew Theological School

Selected Works

Sermon Preparation
"I cannot imagine a more practical, attentive, useful, reliable, provocative, and thoughtful guide to the delightful play of detail and form in sermons than this volume." -- Thomas Long
Adult Study
This is a Lectionary-based Adult Bible study for Year B. Contributors: Terri S. Cofiell, David A. deSilva, Mary Jo Osterman, Vincent Harris, Denise Nutt-Beers, Sondra B. Willobee
This is a Lectionary-based Adult Bible study for Year B. Contributors include: David A. deSilva, John O. Gooch, M. Bass Mitchell, Denise Nutt-Beers, Mary Jo Osterman, Sondra B. Willobee
"Unique metaphors of faith permeate this collection of worship resources and personal reflections. Clergywomen share insights into their spiritual journey, declaring both the exquisite joy and palpable pain of ministry."--Nan Self
These prayers and meditations can be used for personal reflection or for devotions at a women's meeting.

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